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Eugene is a Husband, father and founder of the new cultural initiative 'Men and Marriage', which has a mission to see more men sharing real life experiences, leading by example and building each other to become better fathers, husbands, brothers and leaders.

EuGene recognizes that the true depth and value of men are rarely explored within the media, which has been the inspiration behind the intuitive 'fatherhood' series.

Startup Dads I would say this… This episode that you are about to listen to is every bit what Startup Dad Headquarters is all about. If you can not relate or connect with this episode on multiple levels then I must say this show, this podcast, is most likely not for you and I know that is a very bold statement to make. But here is the thing and I want to be completely honest because I don’t want to waste your valuable time.  If you’ve listened to any of my other episodes I’m a huge believer in knowing your avatar. Knowing your target audience, speak directly to your target audience and solve their unique problems. And I must say In this conversation with Eugene that is exactly who we are talking to.

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Show Notes

“I would rather be the reason I am struggling professionally because of something I have more control over, then being in a corporate environment where a merger or someone else’s decision can cause me my job.” Denny Krahe

Denny has been married for 8 years but he has only been a Father for 3 months. If you don’t include the 7 years of raising his dog :) So Denny is by far the youngest dad we’ve had on the show. So you know this will be interesting. 


After being dissatisfied with his corporate job he Launched DK FitSolutions with the mission of bring workplace wellness programs to small/medium sized businesses. After a year of seeing little to no traction Denny Pivoted to providing personal training services, and in 6 months he had enough clients to replace his day job income and take the full leap.

All the while Denny was keeping a personal blog at Where combines his passion for personal training with his sports medicine background to help train individuals for specific race distance or events.

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"The closer you are to that breaking point, the more challenging things get" by Julien Marion. 

Julien Marion is husband, dad of 3, speaker, teacher, and coach in the areas of entrepreneurship, business growth, fitness and personal development.

He is also the founder and owner of Move Dance and Fitness (a Dance and Fitness Center in Houston, TX) and he is the host of The Path to Unlimited (a Weekly podcast with a mission to empower and inspire millions to live without any limits). The Podcast is launching November 1st, 2014.

Julien is passionate about using all that God gave him to lift the lid off people’s life by adding value and serving others.


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"Going from a job I didn't really like and shifting over to my hobby full-time -- it’s a bit of shift that took some adjusting, but it’s been a great move and I am super glad I did it." by Shawn Leslie

Welcome, to Startup Dad Headquarters where we’re exploring the intersection between Fatherhood, Entrepreneurship & Life. On this episode I’m chatting with Shawn Leslie. UX developer at Digital Telepathy. This story is a bit unique but I believe many of you will connect with it. Let me set the stage: 

Shawn is 33 years old, raised in southern California. Shawn was always drawing growing up, but didn’t pursue any creative arts professionally. *** That tie bit of information is going to be key as we discuss Shawn’s journey. *** So Shawn went to college for Finance and worked in the Brokerage industry for nearly 7 years as a stockbroker, then Branch Manager for the online trading company, Scott-trade. In 2007 after reading the Four Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferries he decided to start learning HTML/CSS and he was convinced he could make enough money drop-shipping fancy “Rabbit” wine openers when the wine bar craze was taking off. That didn’t pan out, but he kept learning HTML/CSS and took his first freelance client in late 2007 (6 months from the point of starting).

Shawn continued working on websites on the side and started spending most of his free time working on design and development. 

So at this point Shawn had a good, respectable, well paying job in finance and was steadily climbing his way up the corporate ladder but that didn’t interest him any longer and he was craving something more enjoyable, more meaningful. With a wife and a 3 month old baby girl he decided to take the leap… 

Shawn will share with us what that leap looked like, the personal sacrifices he had to make and the financial challenges this presented. 

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Anthony Tran is a family man and enjoys playing basketball with his son and having fierce video game rivalries on NBA 2K14.

He is the Founder of Marketing Access Pass, an All-in-One Online Marketing Training and Services website.  He specializes in WordPress website development, search engine optimization, and marketing strategies to help you take your business to the next level.  

He’s been seen on Marketing Optimization TV, The Relaunch Show, Starve the Doubts, and Entrepreneur on Fire.

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Grant Baldwin is a national speaker, author, and host of one of the top ranked business podcasts in iTunes called "How'd You Get Into That?" Today he continues to encourage and inspire people to find and do work they love.

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Frank invested 30 years in executive leadership and small business ownership.  For most of that time he chased the dollar.  Filling his bank account while emptying his soul.  No more!  As an executive and business coach, leadership trainer, writer and speaker, he launched his latest venture OneBoldMove.  OneBoldMove is all about helping people get un-stuck, helping busy people make bold moves to reinvent their future.

Frank has been Married to the love of his life, Theresa for 25 years - and they have 3 thriving adult children and 4 dogs.  They live in Melissa, TX...  just outside of the metropolitan hustle and bustle of Dallas.

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I am a world changer

Now before you think I’m an egotistical, too-big-for-my-britches, jerk, I think we are all world changers. If we weren’t born to change the world, we’re unnecessary. I am a world changer. And so are you.In a nutshell, I arrived at my world changer philosophy after being fired four times after facing 42 years in prison, after starting two companies that rose and fell like the Roman Empire...and finally realizing my true purpose in life.
Matt was born and raised in the south and currently lives in Fort Wayne, IN with his wife Tara and daughter Aracelli  

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Special Guests: Peter Gibaldi, Hao Chen, James Lopez, Edmund Araya, Brian Shea & Mike Ambassador Bruny

In this special episode I talk about the break from the normal interview episode as well as provide you with some tips, tactics and tools I use to help me balance fatherhood, entrepreneurship, working a full-time job and "potentially" being a good husband (verdict is still out). Also in this episode I share: A Father's Day 2014 Entrepreneur Panel Discussion where we chat about the difference between balance and balancing. 

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Justin is focused on showing businesses, organizations, and individuals how to get results from their social media content. As the CEO & Founder of the Think Digital, Justin created Think Digital Academy, a social media coaching program designed to help participants build bigger online audiences and influence them to take action. 


He speaks on the topic of social media strategy at national conferences such as the NRB Research Symposium, CLA Internet & Ministry Technology Summit, and the Nonprofit Leadership Academy. In addition to all of that! Justin is also a faculty member at Luther Seminary and teaches public relations as an adjunct professor at Drake University. Justin has a Master of Divinity from Bethel Seminary and lives in Des Moines, Iowa (by choice) with his wife and two children. You can connect with Justin at and learn more about his book, The Social Church at!

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