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February 2015
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“Just decide what it’s going to be, who you’re going to be, how you’re going to do it. Just decide and then, from that point, the universe is going to get out of your way.” Will Smith

In this episode of the journey I discuss making the decision to purse your dreams and how fear can cause you to doubt that decision. 

The Journey Episodes: 

  1. Believe 
  2. Having Faith
  3. What's your why? 
  4. Deciding 
  5. Dreaming/Imagination (coming soon)
  6. Clarity (coming soon). 


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Jackie Bledsoe & Startup Dad Headquarters Logo

“Whatever your career is, your family is intricately connected to that. Your family serves as your inspiration for everything.” Jackie Bledsoe

Jackie Bledsoe is an author, blogger, and speaker, but first and foremost a husband and father, who encourages men to better lead and love their families. He's the creator and author of The 7 Rings of Marriage™, which shares the lessons learned from his marriage and family thriving through being homeless (twice!), through job loss and financial despair, loneliness, communication and intimacy issues, and just plain ignorance of what it takes to lead a family and make a marriage work. 

He's a regular contributor to All Pro Dad, USA Football, and Disney's, and has been featured on, HuffPost Live,, Yahoo! Shine,, and


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Byron Davis & Startup Dad Headquarters Logo

"There’s a verse that speaks to me and it is Ephesians 2:10 and it says, - For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago - What that scripture says to me is:

  1. God didn’t make a mistake when He made me.
  2. Before I was even born He had already invested in me a gift mix that He was going to call on when I became of age. He was going to draw out so that I can walk in it. So that, that would be my life on purpose, you on purpose, me on purpose.” by Byron Davis

Byron is a former American record holder, Ironman, career coach & founder of the epic life project, Byron has a gift for helping people get unstuck and transform their passions into lives and careers they love. He does this through online

resources, group coaching bootcamps, & private live, one-on-one 2-day LifePlan Immersions called CALIBRATE!

He’s the author of Re:Purposed (The art of winning through letting your obstacles lead the way), and creator of the 8 part peak performance audio program Unleash The Unstoppable YOU!

A sought after conference speaker, Byron is entertaining to watch and easy to understand. He helps audiences reverse limiting beliefs on the spot and teaches them to use the simple power of personal narratives to quickly establish new habits and activate their God gifted potential. Byron received his BA from UCLA and Masters from Biola University.

Byron lives in Los Angeles California with his wonderful wife Annett, awesome son Mya , & incredible daughter Victoria.


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Ryan Levesque & Startup Dad Headquarters Logo

"Most people fail in business not because they have a bad idea, they just don’t have enough time. They run out of runway! They run out of money so they have to go back, they have to get a job." Ryan Levesque

In 2008, armed with nothing but a $450 laptop, an Ivy-League background in neuroscience, and an insatiable curiosity to understand why people buy…

Ryan Levesque left a lucrative career on Wall Street and later in Shanghai, China to launch a multimillion dollar online publishing business selling information and software using what’s now become the “Ask Formula” as taught in this book.

Since then, Ryan has used the Ask formula to help build multi-million dollar businesses in 17 different industries, generating over $100 million dollars in sales in the process.  Today, he and his team offer training, consulting, and implementation services for entrepreneurs and businesses at all levels.

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Robert Coorey & Startup Dad Headquarters Logo

"I don’t think you should take risk for risk sake. But I do think that if you look at a situation and you have an opportunity in front of you and you think it has a reasonable success of being good then you should go for it and you should not be fearful. Because I think one of the biggest mistakes you can make especially when you’re starting a business on the side, like if you have a full time job and you’re just getting started, is watching those pennies to carefully. I know everyone says be careful and don’t waste money and things like that but at the same time every business is going to waste some money and I think you need to be trying a lot of things and investing in different areas to make things happen a bit faster. Otherwise, you’ll just grow to slowly by not trying enough stuff and refusing to invest in anything." 

Robert Coorey, is a #1 best-selling author, a Reality TV Pilot Host and a wildly successful marketer. Recently listed by Startup Australia as one of Australia's Top 50 Entrepreneurs. Robert has built a super-responsive global online community of serious business owners and nearly broke the world record for the most number of people in a webinar. Robert has filled up dozens of live events, been featured extensively in the media and launched three best-selling books.

Robert I’m super excited to have you on the show and to learn your ninja tactics for balancing being a husband, father of two young boys and everything of course everything else you have going on. 

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