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John Murphy is a results-oriented coach and mentor to senior executives and CEOs. He's a great communicator with broad experience and who is skilled at discussing issues that makes businesses and individuals grow and thrive.

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Dave Sanderson is an inspirational survivor, speaker and author. His thoughts on leadership has made him a nationally sought-out speaker. On January 15th, 2009, he was the last passenger on US Airways Flight 1549, known as "The Miracle on the Hudson." 

Dave shares what he learned about himself, his family, and his business, after the miracle. Here are some of the key points he touches on this episode:
  • Fatherhood before and after the plane crash
  • The importance of slowing down and being there for your family
  • Finding that defining line between home and office
  • How the "miracle on the Hudson," changed his life
  • The importance of getting the right people around you and getting systems in place
  • Journey through private health insurance

Resources & References Mentioned

  • Dave Sanderson Speaks - Contact Dave!
  • Dave Sanderson - LinkedIn
  • The Fourth Turning - By William Strauss and Neil Howe
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Perfection is a Killer… 
In this 1st episode of of Solo Friday I share some behind the scenes here at Startup Dad Headquarters. 
Ratings and Reviews
- Webinar Setup 
- Growing the Podcast
- Cold Calling
Current Success/Lessons Learned:
- Webinar Completed
- Interviewed Dan Miller
- Securing an Interview with Shawn Stevenson of The Model Health Show
Call to action: 
- Invite 1 other dad
Books & Resources: 
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Adam Hommey is the founder and creator of Help My Website Sell and The Business Creators Insitute. Adam's mission is to help emancipate the power of information, increase your website conversions and simplify the technology you use.

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Roger Whitney is a Startup Dad who shares his journey from pursuing success in his career, to building a financial cage, and finally realizing why it wasn't enough.  Roger shares how he became the "Retirement Answer Man" and how he pursued his passion and purpose into a successful business twenty four years later.  Here is a snippet of what Roger shares in this episode:

  • The importance of family regarding his wife and two children
  • How financially downsizing was the best thing that happened to them
  • The importance of letting your side-hustle income build up as proof of concept before you decide to remove your steady income
  • His idea of actual proof of concept- Revenue first and then net income
  • A behind the scenes look into his business
  • The story behind his leap
  • Three things to do to plan for your retirement:
    • Think about the age you really want to retire
    • Not to focus on investment entirely for your retirement
    • Focus on your income and cash flow
  • The number one biggest mistake in managing finances - lifestyle creep.
  • His definition of success

Resources & References Mentioned

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If this is your first time tuning in, welcome, Startup Dad Headquarters where we are exploring the intersection between Fatherhood, Entrepreneurship and Life and at the heart of it all we are in pursuit of the answer to this question. “How can one be an awesome father, engaged, involved in every aspect of their childs life and at the same time purse their dreams of building a business that will not only afford them the life style they want for their family but also leave a MARK on this world and a legacy for years to come.” That’s our mission here  at Startup Dad Headquarters. So thank you for tuning in, hold on tight and lets GO! 

In this 1st episode of of Solo Friday I share some behind the scenes here at Startup Dad Headquarters. 


  • Daughters Surgery
  • Finding Balance
  • Podcast Editing
  • Making Money

Current Success:

  • 1st Sponsorship Locked in for Q4 2015
  • Beta Launch
  • My First Official Client
  • Working w/ Jaime Tardy and Interviewing Dan Miller
  • 5 Star Reviews

Call to action: 

  • Beta Launch
  • Invite 1 other dad
  • Join the Community 
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Jessica Rhodes is our startup MOM expert guest, who shares her journey to entrepreneurship as well as her expertise on podcasting and podcasting interviews. Here are some of the great key points Jessica drops on the startupdad community on building a successful podcast through interviews and guest:


  • Building a business with a balanced approach to parenting
  • The importance of working smarter and not harder
  • The future of podcasting and how it works for entrepreneurs
  • Success stories from podcast interviews
  • The importance of being in front of your niche audience through podcast interviews
  • The advantages of being a guest on a podcast
  • Links, links, and more links. The importance of linking people back to your website
  • Confidence is key to being featured as an expert on a podcast
  • Updating your online presence
  • Getting yourself booked by building relationships
  • How to prepare to be guest on a podcast
  • Finding a podcast that's a good fit for your business
  • Podcast etiquette
  • Tips that you can do after your interview

Resources & References Mentioned

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Koy McDermott is a motivational speaker and founder of a Millennial leadership company, Leaders Inspire Leaders. This weekly show gives influential entrepreneurs a platform to tell their stories. Koy helps others do what they love, while making money doing it, and encourages the process of self-discovery for everyone.
"Motivation is not enough...motivation will get you started, discipline will keep you going." Koy McDermott

Resources & References Mentioned


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