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Shawn Rafferty is a personal protection specialist with over 20 years of experience in the security sector. He has served in the Marines, worked as a correction officer, police officer, security contractor in the Middle East and as a Federal agent. He now specializes in teaching people how to be safer by empowering the individual or organization on how to utilize and harness the key principles of situational and observational awareness to prevent unnecessary victimization.

Shawn joins us as an expert guest who shares his journey from federal agent to entrepreneur, whose experienced advice prevents unnecessary victimization when it comes to you and your family.  Here are some of the key points Shawn shares:

  • Wearing multiple hats as a father, being an entrepreneur, and furthering your education
  • Finding and learning how to harness your passion
  • Using ping points within your career to be the driving force behind the catalyst for change
  • Figuring out the demand for your business
  • Creating what most would consider a traditional service business into a business that provides passive income

On Planning, Prevention and Security

  • Why security and paying attention to your surrounding saves you from being an easy target
  • Awareness is key:
    • Observational Awareness - being aware of your surroundings
    • Situational Awareness - knowing your surroundings and having protective/exit strategies
  • The importance of having situational plans in place with your family before you leave your home

Resources & References Mentioned

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Phillip Carson, President of Carson Natural Health, LLC is a Pharmacist who thinks outside the box of traditional medicine. He believes in helping people find natural alternatives and integrative nutritional solutions to their health problems. He is committed to leading people to finding the root cause of their health problems and not just treating the symptoms. Phillip is passionate about encouraging and teaching people how to live more balanced, healthier and vibrant lives. Phillip and his wife Kim have been married for over 30 years and have 5 happy and healthy children.

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Kate's official title is, the Content Creator and Community Leader at Entrepreneur on Fire w/ John Lee Dumas. But unofficially, Kate is the better half of the dynamic duo. In 2013 she officially took the LEAP from her 9-5 to begin working with John to build the now empire of Entrepreneur on Fire and a massive community called Fire Nation. In addition, to authoring the Eofire blog, Kate is also the host of Kate’s Take: The EOFire Audio Blog, where she share actionable advice for entrepreneurs who are looking to just start and take action today!

Kate is our expert guest on the show today and shares some "how to" advice on being a proactive entrepreneur who spends time and energy investing, learning, and teaching into your business. Here are some of the key points Kate shares in this episode:

  • Investing time and energy into your business
    • Plan properly
    • Make a list of all your tasks and put a time to it
    • The importance of putting the right food into your body
    • Surround yourself with the right people
  • Reflection - step back and reflect on what you are doing
    • Learning on what you are doing right
    • Learning on what you can do better
    • Survey your customers, network, or mastermind group
    • Revisit and improve your content
  • Curing perfectionism by teaching
    • Being real and sharing what worked and what hasn't worked in your business.
    • Start looking outward - look at how many people need your help with the information you have.

Resources & References Mentioned

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Mike Wienick took the leap to entrepreneurship earlier this year and founded CurvedLine. CurvedLine is a growth alignment and management consultancy focused on helping organizations and individuals reach and exceed their goals. Mike has a long and successful history in management, marketing and sales with three successful exits under his belt. 

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How They Got Started: It all started in late 2003 over a plate of nachos. Scott  and John, were commiserating together over their corporate jobs when the conversation migrated to their new-found passion…their babies. They both just entered the new world of fatherhood and were keenly focused on all the  “gear” they had acquired to care for their children – strollers, car seats, cribs, and of course…the diaper bag. They were frustrated in their quest to find a diaper bag that inspired them. Neither of them wanted to carry mom’s flowery diaper bag, but their search for something masculine and functional was futile. So, as dads are known to do, they decided to fix the problem and set out to design some dad gear.

Scott and John have been best friends for over thirty years and business partners for over 10 years.  Today, our StartupDad duo share a bit about their family life, the story behind their leaps and some key expert advice. Here are some of the key points they share in this episode:

  • The benefits of an LLC
  • Creating a contractual agreement when starting a business with a partner
  • The value and benefits of attending a trade show
  • Growing pains of starting a business while being fathers, husbands and full-time employees
  • Creating a line of distinction between work and family
  • How eating a full meal will give you a boost of energy in the wee hours of the morning pulling those all-nighters
  • The importance of knowing your niche and investing your time in creating your product
  • Why telling everyone in your network about your business can help your business
  • The importance of pricing your product and knowing your market
  • Managing your healthcare as a business owner

Resources & References Mentioned


Done For You Tech: is THE one-stop solution for ALL your online marketing tech headaches. Landing pages, sales pages, webinars… the list goes on and on. Check ‘em all off by heading over to and get a FREE sales page designed when you order a new website. 

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Alan Moore is co-founder of XY Planning Network. He is passionate about helping financial planners start and grow their own “feet only” firms to serve the Gen X and Gen Y clients. He currently lives in Bozeman, Montana so he can hit the slopes on powder days.

Alan is a startup dad who shares  in this episode, why the journey to success doesn't necessarily mean there won't be any bumps in the road.  Here are some of the key points you will learn:

  • Moving forward when the unexpected happens
  • Being honest with yourself and doing what you know is right even when it's tough
  • Salvaging a relationship with your former spouse after divorce, so you can continue to be an awesome dad
  • Managing your income and cutting expenses
  • The importance of having a niche and knowing your market
  • Why two maybe greater than one - getting a partner in your business
  • Hiring when you need the help
  • Managing private health insurance

The HandyMan Segment: Tips | Tactics | Tools

  • What's your secret sauce? Start
  • What is one time management tool? Schedule everything
  • How do you stand out above the noise: Content Marketing - show people that you are different
  • What is a habit that attributes to your success as a Husband, Father and Entrepreneur? Focus
  • Manage your health: CrossFit
  • Book every StartupDad should read from a Entrepreneur and Fatherhood Perspective: 4 Hour Work Week

Resources & References Mentioned


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Hans Finzel is all about living your passion; doing what you love and loving what you do. This is the theme of his new book, “The Power of Passion in Leadership.” He has been married to his wife Donna for 40 years and together they have four grown children and 6 grandchildren that they enjoy spending time with.

Hans Finzel is our expert startup dad who shares advice on exercising leadership in your business and in your home. Here are some of the key points Hans discusses in this episode:

  • Learning from teachable moments  and why spending quality time with your child(ren) create great bonding moments.
  • The importance of separating work from your home life.
  • Sustaining a healthy marriage by dating your spouse and keeping each other as the primary focus in your marriage.
  • Becoming a better leader:
    • Practice the art of leadership and the importance of learning to improve
  • Being a leader at home:
    • Is less about being the boss and more about creating a partnership with your spouse
    • Providing affirmation to your children and correcting the not so good things
  • The formula to leadership
    • Leader + Follower + Situation = Great Leadership
      1. Leader – you as the leader facing your own inner demons and getting healthier
      2. Followers – getting the wrong people off the bus and getting the right people on the bus
      3. Situations – providing the solutions that are not always easy
  • Learning through failure and self-discovery
  • Knowing when you are not good at certain things and being OK with hiring someone that does
  • The importance of recruiting the right people
  • Good leaders listen and learn
"If you’re a leader or a manager, study it and learn to be better." Hans Finzel
Resources & References Mentioned

Done For You Tech: is THE one-stop solution for ALL your online marketing tech headaches. Landing pages, sales pages, webinars… the list goes on and on. Check ‘em all off by heading over to and get a FREE sales page designed when you order a new website. 

"Keep listening and learning and then you will become a great leader." Hans Finzel
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