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July 2015
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"Your dream is your dream and if you don't work your dream, no one else will" Asa Leveaux

Asa Leveaux is a 'side hustle' startup dad who shares his story on how he built his business by being an answer to prayer. Asa shares with us the importance of being successful not only in his business but also as a father who still finds the time to serve his country. Here are some of the topics Asa shares in this episode:
  • How he manages to balance it all
  • The difference between life rhythm and balance
  • How asking his son questions evolved their relationship and allowed for more communication
  • His start on his entreprenuerial journey
  • How reading Rich Dad/Poor Dad changed his mindset
  • How he came back from the military and opened three businesses
  • Coming back from failure
    1. Stop blaming others for your problems --your passion in your problem
    2. Understanding elements of entrepreneurship better
    3. Accountability - who and what are you answering to
      1. Asa's definition of accountability - the marriage of intention, integrity, and implementation
  • How he jumped all in when things weren't perfect
  • Being the answer to prayer and how he identified those prayers
  • His whys: His son and that person in line
  • How to not worry about the competition
    • Scarcity
    • Specialty
  • What the leap looks like to him
  • What it means to spend time with his primary investor as a side hustle startup dad.

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Rodrigo Fernandez and Startup Dad Headquarters Logo


In this episode of Startup Dad HQ I chat with Rodrigo Fernandez husband and Father of one with another one on the way (Sept 2015). Rodrigo shares: 

  • Balancing it all with business, family, and a wife who works full-time
  • When he realized he was not meant to work a 9 to 5
  • How he built multiple businesses and sold them off
  • How things changed once his son came into the picture
  • Rearranging his work/life balance in his business by focusing on this one thing:
    • Training employees- making sure instructions are clear, allow them room to grow, recognize strength and weaknesses, and train them to think on their feet.
  • Why he started the Podcast "Way of the Father."
  • The Pivotal point when his business finally took off
  • Going through challenges and overcoming fears
  • Where he sees his business in the next five years

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“When you take an entrepreneur leap more often than not the people in your vicinity don’t understand. They don’t understand why you want to do it. You’ve got a job that’s fine, that’s comfortable, go of to work each day. That’s what other dads do!" David Ralph of Join Up Dots Podcast and Podcast Mastery 


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 Larry Hagner and Startup Dad Headquarters Logo

"If you have a passion for something... carve out time for it and don't give up" Larry Hagner

Larry is a 'side hustle' startup dad who is taking full advantage of his 24 hours as a husband, father of 3, author, coach, and entrepreneur who still works a 9-5.

Larry shares his journey with us and talks about growing up fatherless and how that impacted his ability to father his own children. 

He also talks about how he achieves being a balanced dad; how he started his journey into entrepreneurship; he shares some advice on how to start writing your own books; how to overcoming barriers; fears/doubts; and what his leap will eventually look like.

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"You don't make money by focusing on making money. Money is a byproduct of the service that you render to the marketplace." Gary Smith

Gary Smith is today's 'Expert' guest, who is also an expert dad! Gary is a father to three girls who are all grown up and successful in their fields but, he doesn't take all the credit. He credits his supportive wife and the power of prayer for his success at home and in his business. Today, he shares with the startup dad audience the importance of intentional parenting, as well as how to identify those gaps in your business between where you are now and where you need to be. He also touches on how to design and implement solutions to close those gaps.  Here are some of the key points Gary shares in this episode:

  1. He defines the customer conundrum- The disconnect between what companies believe they are offering as customer service and what the customers are actually receiving. The goal is to address those "gap" issues.
  2. Addressing the real goal of your business
  3. What it means to create wins for your customers that will eventually be wins for your business
  4. Looking at what your customers sees (the front office):
    • Quality
    • Cost
    • Delivery
    • Demand
  5. Building and maintaining relationships
  6. Looking at the back office of your business and how it impacts your customers. 

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Brian Mays and Startup Dad Headquarters Logo

 "Find your cheerleaders, they are the ones that will help you be better than you think you are." Brian Mays

Brian is a startup dad who recently took the leap as a graphic designer for over twenty years. He shares his journey with us on family life and how he manages to find some sort of balance with being an active father/husband while simultaneously growing his business.

Brian expounds on the reasons why he does what he does; what a perfect day would be like; how turning 40 and getting a new device turned into a business; building a business with what you have; how his wife's support encouraged him to take the leap; what are some of the scalable products he hopes to launch; what his runway looks like; his doubts/fears; and what success looks like to him.

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#StartupDad #Parenting #GraphicDesigner

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"You have to create environments that will pull you to your goal." Todd Tresidder

Todd Tresidder is an 'Elite' startup dad who is a former hedge fund trust investor turned financial mentor.  Todd shares with us how he made the move from investor to mentor, and how he does it all with family first.

In this 'elite' episode, Todd delves into how he juggles weighing out priorities and tradeoffs; how he tries to find things to say "no" to; how a challenge from his wife challenged him into his business; building a content marketing system on the internet; the key to understanding your target market and how they buy; delivering on the content he serves his customer; defining his avatar; his doubts/fears; the price he has paid to be where he is today; what it truly means to him to be happy; and the struggle of healthcare as an entrepreneur.

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#StartupDad #Parenting #Financial


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Andrew Ledell and Startup Dad Headquarters logo

"At the end of the day life is full of choices... you have to look at the equation and at some point focus on the priorities."

Andrew Ledell is a 'leaper' startup dad who shares his journey with us as a father, husband and entrepreneur.  Andrew and his wife who is also an entrepreneur do it all by doing the best they can and realizing balance really doesn't exist.

Andrew also shares with us how he adjusted to life after his leap; how his business grew out of his wife's business; how he found the courage to take the leap; how he validated his business; how he finds his customers; his doubts/fears; also, what success looks like to him and how he is going to get there.

Real Dads / Real Talk: Summary

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Kevin Caldwell and Startup Dad Headquarters Logo

"Overall success can't truly be enjoyed if you can't enjoy it with the people in your household." Kevin Caldwell

Kevin Caldwell is a 'side hustle' startup dad who's found his PURPOSE and is ready to share it with the world. He stops to talk to us about the love he has for his 8-year-old daughter Imani, his business and how he aims to take the LEAP and what it may look like when he does.

Kevin also expounds on his journey to entrepreneurship; how he manages business, fatherhood and his 9 to 5; his love for writing books; his passion in coaching; the process it took to defining who he is; and starting the process to finding your purpose by:

  • Analyzing your passions.
  • Focusing on that thing that makes you come alive.

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#StartupDad #Parenting #Purpose

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Clint Arthur and Startup Dad Headquarters Logo

"If this was going to be the last year of your life, what would you want to accomplish?" Clint Arthur

Clint Arthur is an 'expert' startup dad who shares his roller coaster journey with us from a 4.0 GPA, to driving a taxi, to having been on major network television shows promoting his business. 

Clint tells us how to truly make your business stand out, to make a difference, and a fortune on television. Here are some of the key topics Clint focuses on:

  • The importance of media- being on local news shows and national television 
  • Going out and making things happens
  • The difference between an instant local celebrity vs. celebrity launch pad 
  • The formula to getting on television
  • The importance of raising your status and your power
  • The importance of high price & high quality
  • The importance of status over merit
  • How to monetize celebrity and local television 

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