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Today's Topic: Chasing Instead of Leading
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This week's shout out goes to Kofi Acquaah-Arohin
Behind the scenes here at Startup Dad Headquarters. 
- Sick Child (6 Days)
Grateful for: 
- My support structure (my mother in law, our nanny, online friends, mastermind and accountability partners). 
Current Success/Lessons Learned:
  1. Reviewed my business plan and was pleasantly surprised that I’m heading in the right direction, although delayed due to all the personal issues I’m not too far off course. 
  2. Launching 3 Services w/ the new website...
    • Startup Dad Personal Coaching
    • Startup Dad Launch Pad (formally know as “Idea to Launch in 3 Months” 
    • Startup Dad Inner Circle 
Feeling Overwhelmed | Chasing Instead of Leading 
  1. Maintaining focus w/ all that’s going on.
  2. Webinar’s 
  3. Additional Programs 
  4. Getting out of the land of obscurity 
  5. Working Out
Book Recommendations: 
  • Essentialism...
Call to action: 
  • Refer the show to 1 friend / fellow StartupDad… 
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Mark Dillon has spent the better part of the past decade working at the largest and oldest mindfulness meditation retreat centre in the West, where thousands of people a year come to take a vow of silence as they quiet the exterior world and focus on their hearts and minds. He has created a system of organizing and discovered it can be boiled down to 7 simple principles anyone can follow.

Mark shares in this episode:
  • How keeping yourself organized prevents you from wasting your time
  • How an injury created an epiphany on the importance of being organized
  • The definition of mindfulness - "I look at mindfulness as awareness. Awareness in this moment."
  • mindfulness is all about mindfulness and practicing meditation
  • Seeing opportunities to practice mindfulness
  • How closing down one of the senses can make a big difference when practicing mindfulness
  • Benefits of practicing mindfulness
    • fully engaged in living in your life
    • Living in the present rather than focusing on the past
  • The importance of reminding yourself what is it that you want to do
  • How mindfulness supports organizing - Steps to mindfulness
    • When it comes to organizing, mindfulness is first
    • Gather the things that you need to gather
    •  Seeing it all
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Kevin Jans spent 16 years on the  government side of contracting as a contract specialist and officer. He bought goods and services across a variety of industries totalling over $1 billion. Kevin now hosts the Contracting Officer Podcast and serves as the president of Skyway Acquisition Solutions, which he founded in 2011. Kevin helps people understand this complex market in simple terms. In this discussion Kevin shares: 

  • The importance of having your spouse invested in your business as much as you are
  • How he gets up early to plan out his day and off the computer by 8:30pm
  • How he invest in his health to maintain his journey
  • The behind the scenes story of his leap
  • His 80/20 rule
  • Why he hired team members
  • Investing in his business to promote productivity
  • How podcasting allows an opportunity to reach your audience

Resources & References Mentioned

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Today on LATE NIGHT Solo Friday, it’s literally 11:20pm EST, and I’ll talk about why this episode is coming out so late in a minute. Today, we are going to discuss:

Getting Rid of the NOISE

The Quote for this show...

"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” Michael Angelo

Ratings and Reviews

Shout out to Aaron Spearin

Behind the scenes stuff! 


  • Sick Child (6 Days)
  • Taking care of the girls

Grateful for:

  1. NICU RN
  2. Mother making me babysit when I was younger

Current Success/Lessons Learned:

  1. Surviving the past 6 days (kids are alive… so I did okay).
  2. Getting some work done (Kudos to the work at home dads who’s wives work 5/days week).
  3. Getting offered a sales position working for Jaime Tardy… Relationship is developing well and learning a ton.

Get Rid of the NOISE!

  • Essentialism
  • Personal Life: Closet
  • Business

Book Recommendations:

Call to action:

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Matt Miller started out as an airforce pilot before entering the private sector in both the medical device and advertising industries. A good friend mentioned to him about the gumball machine he and his young daughter owned. That conversation began a ten year business quest that has brought Matt's company, "School Spirit Vending" to the cutting edge of both the vending and school fundraising industries.

Matt shares in this episode:

  • Why his family is his foundation
  • The decision he and his wife made to home-school their three children
  • How homeschooling has given his children life skills they would not have learned in a public school setting
  • The truth behind taking the leap and how reading one book changed his life
  • Using Rich Dad, Poor Dad as a way to filter out his business ideas
  • Using the opportunity to get out of balance to create an atmosphere for change
  • The story behind needing to franchise his business
  • Starting a business that not only benefits you, but also benefits others

Real Dads / Real Talk: Summary

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Ryan Saplan is a personal trainer, proud father of three, and happy husband to a beautiful wife. He is the definition of a startup dad, building a dream to no longer trade hours for dollars while building something that helps people and leaves a legacy. 

In this episode Ryan shares the behind the scenes story of his decision to take the leap into entrepreneurship as well as:
  • Balancing fatherhood, marriage and a business
  • The importance of courting your wife after marriage
  • Why quiet time and meditating keeps for a healthy state of mind
  • The power of self-development
  • Stepping outside of his comfort zone and getting content out there even if no one is providing accolades
  • Overcoming fear
  • Providing value to world with his business
  • The importance of connecting with other people
  • Why it was OK to set ego aside and ask for help
  • Having his passive income exceed his income

Resources & References Mentioned


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What is an Overnight Success? 
Behind the scenes here at Startup Dad Headquarters. 
Ratings and Review Shout Out! 
  • Frank Espinal: Thank you Frank you are awesome my friend! 
- Waking Up! 
Current Success/Lessons Learned:
  • Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod combined with 5 minute journal
  • 2 Magnesium Pills (knocked out) 
  • Podcast hit the top 30 in Kids & Family WHAT’s HOT and for a minute it was in the top 50 in Business right next to Gary V. 
What is an Overnight Success? 
  1. I think an overnight success is someone who consistently purses a thing (passion, calling, gifts, faith) overtime beyond the point of average. 
    • Bell Curve...
    • Movie Stars 
  2. What are you waiting for? 
Book Recommendations: 
  • Essentialism… I know there we will be a Solo Friday on this alone
Call to action: 


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J. Massey is our startup dad expert who shares his incredible journey of overcoming loss, poverty, and family health issues while he simultaneously looked for ways to provide for his family. In this episode J. Massey not only shares the behind the scenes story of his success, but he also shares his expert advice. Here are some of his key points:

  • The importance of education - teaches us how to recognize opportunity
  • Managing your time to do what you need to do
  • Understanding time to create value
  • How to increase your desire to get what you want
  • 8 Steps - Path to Becoming:
    1. Desire
    2. Time
    3. What do I do with my time?
      • Gain new talents and new skill sets
      • Sales, Marketing, Leadership and Communication
    4. Gaining new relationships
    5. Gaining credit and credibility
    6. Cash flow
    7. Significance
  • The best piece of real estate is proof of concept
  • #1 rule: You must give more in 'use value' than you take from someone in cash value
  • The importance of taking the time to create value
  • One key way to accelerate business relationships

Resources & References Mentioned

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Patrick South and his son Axel have adventures everyday and show them with the world with their YouTube channel titled "The Axel Show", which has garnered nearly 23 million views in just over a year. 

Here are a couple of other key points Patrick shares in this episode.
  • His definition of family-preneurship: Starting something that we were all going to do together, whether we were going to make money or not
  • How instrumental his wife is to his success
  • How playing with his son led to his business
  • Focusing on a target audience and creating a sustainable income
  • Struggling with promoting his show and at the same time encouraging creativity away from technology
  • Creating a balanced perspective as a startup dad growing your business to also spending time with your family
  • Steps to creating a YouTube business
Resources & References Mentioned
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Topic: Making Money Online is! 
Behind the scenes here at Startup Dad Headquarters. 
  • No vacation
  • Spending limited time with the kids
  • balancing everything...
Current Success/Lessons Learned:
  • 1 New Client for my idea to launch in 3 months beta program… 
  • a 2nd sponsor of the show (talk about that a bit more later)
  • Website redesign underway
Book Recommendations: 
  Making Money Online is! 
  1. Different ways to make money online
  2. Building a platform online and making money from that
  3. I’m convinced: Creating Ads vs. Pounding the pavement 
  4. The hard work: 
    • Talking to clients on the phone
    • Cold calling
    • Webinars 
    • Guest posting
    • Getting on TV
    • Is it hard labor? No, but mentally we have a block
  5. If you want to build an online platform, grow your audience, make sales, etc… Social Media is nice but pounding the pavement is where it’s at.
Call to action: 
  • Invite 1 other dad
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